Identix GateView

Integrated IoT RAIN RFID Gateway with CONNECTIX software

GateView at a Glance

  • UHF RAIN RFID ISO18000-63 High Performance Integrated Antenna Gateway

  • Maximum output power of 31,5dBm and -74dBm read sensitivity

  • Circular Polarized Integrated Antenna

  • Reading performance up to 800 tags/s



  • Ethernet RJ45 PoE 100Mbps

  • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and BLE

  • RS485 data port

  • 2 Optically Isolated GPIs and 2 GPOs

  • Integrated contact Relay

  • Two RGB High Luminosity LEDs RGB and 110dB integrated buzzer

  • DC or PoE power



  • Embedded CONNECTIX configuration software with data output to MQTT, Sockets or Web Sockets

  • Fast and simple integration with Cloud Services: Amazon AwS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others

  • Available data output via serial RS485 port


Provides accelerated, secure and integrated cryptographic key storage via hardware and co-processor ATECC508A 

  • AES / SHA2 / Elliptic Cryptographic Keys/ RSA-4096

  • Supports NIST P256 Elliptic Curve Standard

  • SHA256 Algorithm with HMAC option

  • Secure storage of up to 16 cryptographic keys

Identix GateView is an IoT Gateway with a high performance integrated antenna suitable for many different applications in markets like Retail,  Logístics, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

It is a robust, interference deterring, cost effective device, with advanced reading capabilities like DRM (Dense Reader Mode) and Carrier Cancellation found in higher priced devices. These features allow for efficient and reliable reading of tags in the presence of other UHF RAIN RFID readers or external RF noise producing devices.

The integrated, high power GPIO module to connect external sensors and actuators, eliminates the need for external connexion boxes, thus reducing the overall installation costs.

Available features to integrate with real time indoor location systems (RTLS) via  WiFi and BLE, functioning as a WiFi scanner, BLE Beacon or gateway for Beacons. **

Far Field Radiation Diagram

** Functionality available with Firmware version 2.0

Radiation Diagram

Technical Specifications

  • IoT UHF RAIN RFID Gateway, with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE

  • UHF RAIN RFID ISO18000-63 Reader with 4 (SMA-F) RFID Ports

  • Integrated Circular Polarized antenna.

    • 8.5dBiC gain

    • Beam width: 40° (horizontal) x 130° (vertical) with eletronic “tilt” of 12° (horizontal)

  • Three additional antenna ports available

  • Impinj R2000 Chipset with DRM (Dense Reader Mode) and Carrier Cancellation

  • RFID Read rates of:

    • 650 tags per second in
      FM0, 6.25 us Tari, 400 kHz

    • 160 tags/s in DRM
      M4, 25 us Tari, 250 kHz

  •  5 to 31,5dBm power output, configurable in 0,5dBm increments

  • -74dBm receive sensitivity

  • 100Mbps Ethernet PoE 802.3af (CLASS 3 PoE 12.95w), compatible with 802.3af/at and PrePoE switches and injectors

  • One RS485 Serial port

  • Four integrated GPIOs (2 GPIs and 2 GPOs), optically isolated, MOSFET from +5VDC to +36VDC

  • One GPO port with integrated relay

  • Integrated 110dB Buzzer and 2 RGB High luminosity LEDs for alarms

  • Integrated WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4 and BLE in a single 2.4Ghz radio

  • Power +9 to +28VDC

  • Dimensions: 537mm x 210mm x 19mm (21.1 x 8.3 x 0.75 in)

  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to 122°F)

  • Relative Humidity of 5% to 95%, non condensing

  • Weight: 1.250 Kg (2.75 Lbs)

  • IP52

  • FCC and Anatel Certified


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